No matter the wreckage, my mother’s always there, With warm milk and a dollop of sweet honey to soothe my bruised heart, And I get scared every day that she cures me – Will she leave me helpless with a mouthful of forevers? _______________________ The above four-line poem was my … Continue reading Ammi



Used to drive a wedge between two good friends –

Not the usual story

But now made a commonplace, bitter rivalry


Peaceful as they were, turned into chances for war.

Never did this happen

Now there was no peace – strange times.


Turned into a violent man, no longer your neighbor

Ahmed was now livid

Their bonds were now frayed and frail


Was in a chaos – above the din and distress

The colonisers rose victorious

They could sleep peacefully on white beds.

(Written for an online course organised by the University of Iowa.)

A Special One

The following is a poem that my lovely-est friend, Bushra wrote for me on my birthday. I read it and re-read it when I feel low.

Happy Birthday to a friend, for whom I wish the world,
a friend who’s worthy of all things good in both worlds.
Happy Birthday to a friend who’s so dear,
a friend who’s always there, from far or near.
Happy Birthday to a friend who’s more than a friend,
a friend who’s like a sibling, a friend till the very end.
Happy Birthday to a friend I deeply treasure,
a friend whose company is always a pleasure.
Happy Birthday to a friend who’s close to perfection,
a friend who can make my day with her love and affection.
Happy Birthday to a friend who’s an inspiration,
a friend who gives me encouragement and motivation.
Happy Birthday to a friend who’s truer than true,
a friend who knows me through and through.
Happy Birthday to one leg of the tripod stand,
a friend who is my right, with Infer being the left, hand.
Happy Birthday to a friend who is the soul of my IBA life,
a friend who is pivotal in all her friends’ lives.
Happy Birthday to a friend who’s seen me at my best,
a friend who’s also seen me cry, scream, whine and the rest.
Happy Birthday to a friend who knows my every weakness,
a friend who chooses, instead, to emphasise my uniqueness.
Happy Birthday to a friend named Ilsa – a soul so pure –
a friend who’ll reach great heights – that’s for sure!



Memories are ephemeral – I write this hours before an Introduction to Psychology exam and I might be able to decorate this piece with some scientific terms that are pertinent to the temporary nature of memory. The reader is lucky I am choosing not to … Continue reading Memories