The Beauty of Nature

The Beauty of Nature In the evening, as I sit in my balcony, I feel the gentle breeze caress my face. Even if the weather is not pleasant, I revel in listening to the birds as they sing cheerfully. Nature gives this source of entertainment free, not only to me, but to everyone. Are we … Continue reading The Beauty of Nature


The Silver Locket

As I was walking along the beach one morning, I saw something glistening in the distance. I could not hold my curiosity and started walking towards the shimmering object, which I felt could be a stone or a seashell.  The cool air blew into my face, refreshing my nerves.  Coming closer to it, I discerned … Continue reading The Silver Locket

The Miraculous Escape

Charlotte quietly forced herself to swallow the gruel. It was the only meal of the day, and none of the inmates could afford to be deprived of it. Charlotte had been brought with her mother the slave labour concentration camp just one day earlier. The cruel labour, poor sanitation, sick people was something which Charlotte … Continue reading The Miraculous Escape