Broken Trust

The evening, indeed, held a very lovely aura, with a clear blue sky, a soft breeze blowing and the chirping of birds, which would have seemed to any ordinary person as sweet as a rose but for me, even such an evening could not heal the painful memories which had deeply damaged the peace of my soul.

Thinking of a solution to deviate my thoughts from those infectious memories, I went towards my bedroom. As I entered the room, I saw the thing which I hated the most. It was my secret diary. When I had started writing in that book, I would never have guessed how it would have ruined my life like a bomb. The diary was my confidante and I trusted it more than anyone in this world. However, there was a person in this world in whom, too, I confided in. It was my best friend, Elena. She was my sole advisor and sometimes, I used to feel guilty of confiding more in my secret diary than in Elena.

However, as the saying goes, life can change in a second, and so did mine. My best friend and I used to think that our friendship would be as endless as the universe. However busy we would be, we would always keep in contact. One unlucky day, my friend chanced upon finding my diary in my backpack. During times when my emotions were uncontrollable, I used to write in it and contained some negative opinions that I had of my friend. Upon reading the remarks that I had made about her, she was under a state of shock. I tried to make her understand that those remarks were not truly what I thought of her. Not ready to accept my clarifications, she said, “This is maybe the last time that I’m talking to you. Goodbye, for I can’t really trust you anymore.” I was completely devastated and it was difficult to persuade her.

One day, she stopped coming to school and nervous, I called at her house. Her mother replied that they were leaving the next day for England. It was unbelievable. The thought that she would never forgive me forced me to think of suicide. Even when I arrived at her house, she said sadly, “We can never establish the same friendship that we had. Thanks for coming up to say goodbye, anyways. Take care.” I was speechless and have never been able to recover from the trauma. Even when I e-mail her, no reply ever comes back. Since then, I feel as solitary as a tomb.


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