An Unforgivable Mistake

The cool breeze from the sea blew on my face as I stood on the platform of the speeding boat with my best friend, Eliza. It was her birthday that day and we were aboard the boat, ready for an adventurous tour of the beach. Like every father who loves his daughter, Eliza’s father had gifted her the object that she had craved for during her childhood, her own blue-painted speeding boat.

She waved her parents good-bye and we sat down, ready for the expedition. Eliza was going to take her turn first, by controlling the boat herself. Being of a fun-loving nature, she drove it on the cool, blue waters with zest. “Whoppee!” she cried out in excitement and I giggled at her act. From the surface blew up in all directions, spraying us with water. It reminded me of the water gun-fights that we used to have.

After about thirty minutes, she handed the boat in my control and she said as she did, “This is the best birthday I’ve ever had and I think myself the luckiest girl to have a friend like you!” I hugged her and replied, “I share your feelings, Eliza.” As I took control of the boat, little did I realize that it would be the last time I had talked to Eliza.

I drove the efficient boat slowly and it created ripples on the surface of the water. Eliza was in the mood for more fun and said, “C’mon, faster!” I did likewise and was soon enjoying the feeling of freedom that I sensed as I looked up into the blue sky. My thoughts were interrupted by a startled scream from Eliza, but it was too late. Before I could look ahead, another speeding boat crashed into ours. Eliza toppled over and went straight into the water, splashing it all around. I struggled to pull her out.

The next few moments went past by as if in a dream. Rescue came and Eliza was safely brought out, but the accident and such an effect that its impact will remain in my mind for the rest of my life. Shortly after the incident, Eliza was taken to the hospital. She did not regain consciousness for three weeks. It was devastating for me. Her parents no longer allowed our friendship to continue and I still try to live on with the memory in my mind and its injury on my heart. It was indeed an unforgivable mistake.


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