The Silver Locket

As I was walking along the beach one morning, I saw something glistening in the distance. I could not hold my curiosity and started walking towards the shimmering object, which I felt could be a stone or a seashell.  The cool air blew into my face, refreshing my nerves.  Coming closer to it, I discerned that it was actually a beautiful locket.  Before it could be washed away into the ocean, I picked it up. It was indeed beautiful, a silver locket in the shape of a heart, quite heavy. I looked around to see if anyone was searching for a lost object. My eyes fell upon a figure not far away. I hurried towards it, with the locket grasped firmly in my hand. I saw that it was a girl. I put my hand on her shoulder and she stopped. Turning abruptly, she faced me with an inquiring look on her face. “Yes?” she asked. “Is this yours?” I inquired, showing her the locket in my palm. A confused look came upon her face and she answered, “Yes, where did you get it?” “It was lying upon the sand. Maybe you dropped it accidentally,” I responded. As she took it from me, I could not help but comment, “It’s really lovely.”

Tears welled into her eyes and she looked away. “Are you alright?” I asked. She sighed sorrowfully and answered, “This locket holds many precious memories which I wanted to let go of, but since you just returned this locket to me, it seems my fate is to bear them, all my life.”

“You’re welcome to confide in me your grievances. It could help to reduce your sorrow,” I suggested tentatively, not wanting to leave her alone, in such a depressed state. I led her to a bench. She handed me the locket and told me to open it. As I opened it, I found myself looking at a happier version of the girl with another one. “That’s my friend Lisa and I’m Elena,” she told me, satisfying the query in my mind about the identification of the other girl.

She continued, “We both were really close, just like sisters, until one day. On that fateful day, she had gone shopping with her family. I refused to accompany her, for we had had a fight. As I switched on the television, I saw that there had been a bomb blast in the same market where she had gone shopping. I panicked, my parents inquired and searched and it was found that she and her parents….” I did not need her to finish her sentence and hugged her affectionately.

Fighting back her tears, she said, “Now, I work voluntarily for an anti-terrorist squad, for I know what it is to lose someone so dear to you. Thousands of people die due to these bomb blasts. I want to lend a hand in establishing peace.” She got up and shaking my hand in farewell, she walked away, disappearing into the horizon.


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