The Blame Game

It’s 9 p.m. Switching the channels, I find almost half of them showing stressed, angry, frustrated faces. One face, one person each. One personality per channel who becomes its identity, criticizes ‘politicians’ and ‘bureaucrats’. I wonder why these critics are given the title of ‘anchors’, ‘critics’ would have been well enough. However, behind all my sarcasm, there is a secret admiration I have for them, for their boldness, their indifference to the presence of different political ‘karkun’ who sit opposite to them; you can almost hear these ‘guests’ grinding their teeth, as the anchor sarcastically introduces the day’s topic of discussion with a smirk on his/her face.

The ‘talk show’ (why not ‘debate contest’?) starts, and as the title goes, it is all a blame game. No solution. No peace. No cooperation. The ladies are in their elegant dresses and manicured nails, while thousands of Pakistanis live below the poverty line, many more homeless, reminiscent of past memories before the floods swept away their homes. Here, people in formal suits and ties, sitting on comfy chairs in air-conditioned studios, argue and reach no conclusion. Sadly.

A viewer is indeed baffled after watching even one show. What were they trying to prove? Confusing indeed. It makes one wish they invested the money they paid for the regional flight to reach the studio in another city, in helping out the neglected and lonely, in donating to a social welfare organization. Instead of the ‘anchors’ buying expensive wardrobes for the multitude of programs they have to do, just cut those three programs down to one, your channel doesn’t stand out that much. For us viewers, it is the same news, the same headlines, the same breaking news.

Sigh. One can just rely on the ray of hope at the end of the tunnel.


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