Discovering Nature

Every morning, when I travel in my school van, I observe a spectacle so serene and magical; it is indeed a sight to behold. The van stops at a place near the National Cricket Stadium and I turn my eyes towards the sky. As I look to my left, the sun is rising and God has created a breathtaking picture. The sun with its arrival paints the blue sky with shades of golden orange, golden yellow; they just merge into each other. Even the birds up there seem to circle this magnificent painting in awe. What is even more enchanting is the view on my left. Here, the moon disappears into the sky, and at 7 in the morning, I am able to see the gradually dissolving moon. It stands out against the pure blue canvas, but slowly goes away, knowing that the sun is there to play its part, it has to hide behind the curtains and let the sun display its glory.

The Stadium’s floodlights rise above its circumference, but their panels are bent at an angle to their tall poles and it is as if they are bowing their heads to allow the sky to reveal the splendour, to let God work wonders, for His creations to view them so that their mornings are filled with enchanting spectacles.

This hasty description might not clarify the whole view, but there are always sights present for each one of us to observe. As we keep ourselves going in our too busy lives, we fail to recognize the wonders God keeps in store for us. Those wonders might be the chirping of the birds outside or the dancing rays of sunlight which creep into your room through the window. It is just like a game of Treasure Hunt, God has hidden tiny treasures of nature, for us to find them, spot them by making our way through the confused maze of busy routines, lists of appointments. These natural wonders are always there, we just need to discover them, extend our imagination and absorb them in.


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