Flyovers in Karachi – Giving You Wings

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It isn’t Red Bull. It’s neither skydiving, nor Hagrid’s hippogriff. For Karachiites, it’s the flyovers in Karachi that give you wings. Wings so that you get the most amazing view of Karachi, which leaves you awestruck, each time you travel over those winding flyovers.

As you zoom across one, look around you. Street lights casting pools of warm orange light down onto the streets are visible. You’ll be able to spot the areas facing loadshedding too. From slums to skyscrapers, LandRovers to rickshaws, hospitals to hotels, signal towers to minarets, billboards to buses, you’ll be able to see it all. It is one way of exploring this beloved city, in a much broader perspective that you could never experience elsewhere. Even a bird’s eye view from an airplane gets marred by tufts of clouds coming in your way. However, flyovers give you a view of your very own city as clear as crystal!

And you no longer need to yearn for Aladdin’s magic carpet! Whether it be the Nagan Chowrangi flyover or the Shaheed-e-Millat wala, naam jo bhi ho, flyovers in Karachi take you places. Within a matter of a few minutes, tadaa! You are at your destination! Aur na bhoolna, all kudos to Mustafa Kamal for accomplishing this feat. Signal-free corridors, flyovers, overhead bridges, ye sab ke buss ki baat nahin dost!

No need to wait for Milad-un-Nabi or Chaand Raat to get a taste of coloured lights, KPT flyover hai na! A row of lights run along its length and change colour form blue to red to green…. It is indeed an enjoyable spectacle as you whiz past across the city on this three-tier flyover – the first of its kind in the whole of Pakistan. Oh yes, be proud, Karachiwaalon!

Nagan chorangi Fly over

While underpasses in Karachi get converted into lakes of muddy water during the monsoon, it is the flyovers that remain intact, standing high and mighty above the City of Lights. Within a span of seven to eight years, our city has undergone development on a huge scale. And flyovers will forever be a part of it. They’ve made Karachi a metropolis, made people forget Super Highway and given us Karachiites an escape from the never-ending traffic jams!

On a windy evening, when the towering buildings block the refreshing breeze from coming your way, make a trip across any flyover, roll down the window, and here comes the refreshing breeze whistling into your ears. Flyovers in Karachi indeed make you feel on top of the world!

Never had a trip across the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Golden Gate one? Still deeming yourself unlucky that you haven’t? Think again! Karachi ke flyovers zindabad!



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