It was an impulse that made me enter a poetry-writing contest ‘In Your Own Image’ organised by the note-worthy blog www.cypherstpatricks.wordpress.com. It was impulse too that made me choose the topic, ‘Karachi’ since writing about your own city can actually be reinvigorating.

I’ve always believed I’ve never had a poetic style of writing but my poem made it to the top 3 which made me realise I am not a bad poet, after all! So here is my ‘poetic rant’ :


Called the City of Lights, the sprawling metropolis-

but you are none of those.

You are not the city that had the blood

of thousands upon its roads.

You are not the city that was once

the setting for tales of gore.

You are Kolachi, the home of the fishermen

who once returned happily to your shores.

You are the light at the end of the tunnel

for those who wanted an escape.

You are the city that has life, mirth, laughter

and dreams, hopes, goals.

You do not have sadness, cries, screams

or rifles, ransom, roars.

You are the dhobi ghaat, the thela, the bun kebab,

and the dhaba, the mela, the chaand raat.

You have a soul, dear Karachi,

but those who call you their own,

have none.


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