Wanderlust II

Here is an article by Zuha Siddiqui.  She has beautifully expressed how families with relatives across the border face problems to reunite with them, even if for a few days. Am I Pakistani, or am I Indian?.



Travelling is one experience which leaves you enthralled and more curious than ever. It opens up perspectives, about people, about cultures, about bittersweet divides - it leaves you enchanted.So it was my family's curiosity left unquenched when we had travelled to India almost annually, via air. This involved a trip from Karachi to Mumbai by … Continue reading Wanderlust


You are struck by the force of something big. You are struck brutally. The force of it sends you reeling. You sit, your ears buzzing with a deafening silence. You can't believe yet you have to. You tell yourself it happens. It happens, with everyone, it happened, remember with that relative? It has happened to … Continue reading Acceptance