You are struck by the force of something big. You are struck brutally. The force of it sends you reeling. You sit, your ears buzzing with a deafening silence. You can’t believe yet you have to. You tell yourself it happens. It happens, with everyone, it happened, remember with that relative? It has happened to you now.

You were previously so scornful of all the inspirational quotes that would come up on your home page. You now find them so relevant. You realise. You are guilty of so much. Yet you find yourself crying. Crying of guilt, of sorrow, of repentance. Was it the page you ignored? The questions you left? The confidence that had just trickled up your brain? You search, and search, and search, for reasons.

Destiny. Blessing in disguise. Terms and consolation that you understand, that make it better for you. You now accept it. Yes, it was Allah’s wish.

And then comes surrender. Sweet surrender. To that Being who create this beautiful world in 6 days and did not glance at it thereafter. To His plans which escape our imagination.

Thank you O Allah, it is You who knows what is best. He alone gives you patience, guidance and realisation.


A shout-out to the friend who shared this with me:


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