Month: December 2014


Walls crept up menacingly,

threatening to block all paths.

Are they so flimsy?

Much as they seemed so,

they were difficult to break through.

They seemed to be of old, yellowed paper,

that cracks and turns to dust,

when you brush it with your fingers.

These were different,

they hardened under my touch.

I pushed past them,

tried to tear them away,

but they wouldn’t bend, touch or break.

But as I turned away from them,

I found they ceased to exist.

I had been imagining them,

designing them,

all in the vistas of my mind.

My limits are thus only as far,

as deep, as wide,

as my imagination permits.

This poem was submitted for Youth Arts and Literary Exhibition’s ‘My Story’ contest. It was shortlisted among 30 poems for the final adjudication.