Plunging into history

Adapting fictional narratives from historical events can be an interesting task. Here is my take on a snippet from Mughal history. Synopsis: In 1626, the Emperor Jahangir was captured by rebels while on his way to Kashmir. The rebel leader Mahabat Khan had hoped to stage a coup against Jahangir. Nur Jahan intervened to get her … Continue reading Plunging into history



"This is the room but it's been changed," I said softly as the old wooden door swung open with a push of my trembling hand. Beside me, my daughter Nadia firmly grasped my shoulder, lending me her support. I led her into the territory that I envisioned every night before I went to sleep. Nadia … Continue reading Lost.

Into A Different World…

You hear of a place, you see it in photographs, on the television, read about it, even pass by it, but have never actually been there. It is then that your imagination starts to work; what if you are completely alone, right IN there? Your mind then takes you inside it, with borrowed glimpses and … Continue reading Into A Different World…

The Silver Locket

As I was walking along the beach one morning, I saw something glistening in the distance. I could not hold my curiosity and started walking towards the shimmering object, which I felt could be a stone or a seashell.  The cool air blew into my face, refreshing my nerves.  Coming closer to it, I discerned … Continue reading The Silver Locket

The Miraculous Escape

Charlotte quietly forced herself to swallow the gruel. It was the only meal of the day, and none of the inmates could afford to be deprived of it. Charlotte had been brought with her mother the slave labour concentration camp just one day earlier. The cruel labour, poor sanitation, sick people was something which Charlotte … Continue reading The Miraculous Escape