A diary entry: rain and clichés

Since the last two days, it’s been raining in Karachi. It’s a certain kind - rarely soft, and mostly loud. It brings with itself thunder and lightning, slams down onto the metal roofs, crashes its way into houses that are too weak to resist the constant downpour. A day ago, my family – all four … Continue reading A diary entry: rain and clichés


27th December, 2007

Memories I - https://ilsarazzak.wordpress.com/2016/04/09/memories/ Memories are ephemeral – I just finished a reading for class tomorrow titled “Pakistan – Democracy After Islamisation”. It presented its own summary of Pakistan’s history, a timeline that was slightly amusing but interesting at certain places. Events kept unfurling, events that I recalled from the pages of my Nigel Kelly … Continue reading 27th December, 2007