I can be the most influential thing on earth.

I am the written word.


Happy reading 🙂



5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. You write very well, Ilsa! And even though you have just started this blog recently, its a great effort. Don’t worry about the stats or how many people read it, what matters is that you keep going, because its definitely worth it 🙂
    Continue writing, you’re doing great!

    1. I am extremely grateful for your valuable encouragement. 🙂
      No buttering, but I am glad to seize this opportunity for telling you, Basmah Baji, that you have always served as a great inspiration for me.
      Your writing style is awesome and I just could not detach myself from your blog. The fact that you have pursued your dreams and remained steadfast in your goal is really motivating.
      Thank you once again for your motivation. 🙂
      I hope with all my heart that you will become a great writer one day.

  2. Ilsa,
    This is brilliant. Your writing is very inspiring and from your heart. Keep at it! I am proud of you.

    Keep me updated on your writing.

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