On sari memories

Memories are ephemeral - I write this hours before an Introduction to Psychology exam and I might be able to decorate this piece with some scientific terms that are pertinent to the temporary nature of memory. The reader is lucky I am choosing not to do that – some sort of revision though it would … Continue reading On sari memories


Blunt truths

A knife recoiled from the blunt truth. It could not cut at its sharp edges, That poked fun at all the grudges, That I could ever hold.   Poked fun and reminded me, Of all that I could never be, And all that I had yet to escape, And everything beneath the draped.   Lift … Continue reading Blunt truths

No-man’s land

Someone’s been pulling me away, From everywhere that I’d like to stay. I’d like to remain in this no-man’s territory, That has no leaf, not a single tree.   Pull me away, but not too much, Let me remain just right where, I can spot, Those wonderful, utopian fantasies.   This world should not end … Continue reading No-man’s land

Of learning and unlearning

It’s been a long time since I wrote some prose. 2016 starts tomorrow and I find myself thinking how bygone memories start amalgamating into one big chunk. Recording memories helps to separate that chunk in your head. Moreover, writing about my memories has always made them even more special. Hence, this blog-post comes about as … Continue reading Of learning and unlearning