Month: December 2011

By the Sea

It was a recent trip to Hawksbay, Karachi, which made me realize that the beauty which nature has created, indeed knows no bounds. Away from the honking of vehicles, the deafening noises of a bustling metropolis was a realm which beckoned us to explore the world beyond the one we see everyday.

The sea, so serene, so calm, lay like an open world in front of us. Behind lay the busy routines of everyday life and we were here to enjoy, reveling in the delight that only nature can provide. The waves could be seen glittering from afar as the sun benignly shone upon the Arabian Sea.

It was simply wonderful to be there, they were exhilarating moments when the rest of the world was forgotten, and the surrealistic beauty in its splendour could be absorbed. Small pebbles came rolling at my feet and were flung back into the ocean by the dancing waves, as if playing with them. The waves bounced around us, they came crashing towards the sparkling, sandy shore and then slowly subsided, drawing up a calm silence before returning again with the same energy. It was a rhythmic motion which made me draw a parable between it and life. Indeed, life’s troubles are such – they strike into your life, with such force that it leaves you numb, but soon die away, enveloping you in bliss.

As I looked up, shading my eyes with my hand, the sky was clear, a pale blue, with delicate tufts of clouds. The sea and the sky seemed to blend into each other into the horizon. The sun was a spectator of this spectacle, demonstrating its Midas touch as it made the sea afar glitter like gold. The sensation was empowering – it felt as if nature was empowering you with freedom, with freshness, with radiance to absorb the beauty around you. Beauty which was so simple for the eyes to see, yet sent a powerful message to the soul – to live these moments fully, seize them and enjoy them, rare moments which are simply beautiful.

... the breath-taking sky above
... the breath-taking sky above