Mo(u)rning in Karachi

The Karachi horizon must be filled with wonder and awed by the beauty of the orange sun as it rises above it. The clouds change from silver to streaks of sparkling gold. The azure sky basks in this royalty but are the streets of Karachi lucky enough? I wonder...... Does the sun glow upon the … Continue reading Mo(u)rning in Karachi



Whether it be Asia, Africa, Europe, America or Australia, in every part of the world, a portion of the female population is subjected to violence, terror, cruelty. Everyday in Scotland, more than 50 women, with their children, leave their homes to escape from abusive men. One in four women in America experiences domestic violence. In … Continue reading Feminism

The Blame Game

It’s 9 p.m. Switching the channels, I find almost half of them showing stressed, angry, frustrated faces. One face, one person each. One personality per channel who becomes its identity, criticizes ‘politicians’ and ‘bureaucrats’. I wonder why these critics are given the title of ‘anchors’, ‘critics’ would have been well enough. However, behind all my … Continue reading The Blame Game